Action wagons / Arrow wagons


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In order to properly control traffic during road works and / or calamities JD Nederland has developed the hydraulic action wagon. These wagons are easy to operate, easy to maintain and approved of by the Rijksdienst Wegverkeer. The action wagons are extremely well-balanced enabling them to lift or lower their action windows at speeds as high as 90 km/hour. A revolvable and clearly visible lit up arrow indicates the direction to be followed. It is also possible to mount an energy saving matrix arrow in the action window enabling the vehicle to be used as a dispel - and junction wagon. Hydraulic support legs are connected to corners of the chassis to ensure optimal stability. As a power source our arrow cars can be equipped with either a sound friendly diesel generator with automatic start / stop features or environment friendly solar panels. The vehicle is operated from a control panel at the front. This can be locked increasing security. This product is also available with various other accessories like an hydraulic nose-wheel, remote-control, start / stop feature on the diesel generator, andreas strips etc. For further information and / or orders please call us. JD Nederland is reachable by phone at (31) 055-3553087

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Size of action windows 330 x 225 cm. Made of red/white retro-reflecting foil class III

There are various arrow configurations possible:
- hydraulicly turnable arrow equiped with 12 power saving LED lamps
- 21 power saving LED lamps lined up in the direction of the arrow in conjuction with 12 burning lamps
- matrix LED signal provider including every known arrow configuration t.w. arrow left, arrow right, dividing arrows, chevron arrow left, chevron arrow rights.

Noise friendly diesel generator 24V starts / stops automaticly

75 litre fuel tank with fuel cap at the side of the vehicle.

High frequency battery charger 24Volts 25 Ampere.

Maintenance friendly Centurion X-Tender carbon fibre batteries 24V – 230 Ampere

Unique hydraulic system consisting of 4 stamp cylinders (operational from the left seperately as well as from the right), 2 heave cylinders adressing the action window and 1 noose-wheel cylinder.

Well balanced framework especially developed for this vehicle.

Build with torsos bearing springs carried by 2 BPW 1350 kg. axles.

Action window is foldable
till speeds of 90 km/hour.

Measures - and weight:
Length: 455 cm. Width: 225 cm. Height transport position: 100 cm.
Height operational: 380 cm.
Weight: 1350 kg.

Available in several versions, PLC, remote steering, andreas strips etc.

JD Nederland - Fabriekstraat 41 - 7311 GM Apeldoorn - T +31 (0)55 355 3087 - F +31 (0)55 355 7915 - M. +31 (0)6 532 55570 - E info@jdnederland.com