Strip layer



Type JD-ASL-240
Size: Length: 510 mm.
Width: 2400 mm.
Height: 1240 mm.
Weight: about 100 Kg.

Easily attached to the vehicle by making use of the DIN connedtion plate.

Runs on 24 Volts
PLC driven
Operations involve 3 simple steps:
- laying
- lifting
- dragging

Clear overview by use of camera and monitor.
Especially designed andreas strips.


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Download the pdf-folder about the Andreas Strip layer

A new development in laying Andreas strips (from manual to automatic) makes the job of a road-worker a lot safer. JD NEDERLAND developed, by assignment of the Advice committee Traffic and Transport Rijkswaterstaat, a handy and compact device that can be connected to the front of a truck by means of a standard DIN plate. Making use of hydraulic / magnetic principles enables us to fully automatically remove the strips from their storage and place them at their destination. with the aid of a camera and monitor the strips (if they've moved as well) can also be removed from the road in much the same way. The road-worker is seated safely in the cabin while all this is taking place. In combination with a Crash absorber at the back of the truck laying and picking up andreas strips can safely and quickly be done by just 1 person.

Another innovation of JD NEDERLAND that results in increased safety for road-workers as well as road-users. The andreas strip layer is available in various designs. Please contact us in order to explain to you the possibilities of automatically laying and picking up andreas strips. We are also able to provide these tailor made. For further information or orders please call us. JD Nederland is reachable at (31) 055-3553087.

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