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JD Nederland specialists in Mobile Traffic Systems and Traffic Control Materials


Specialists in Mobile Enclosures and traffic control

JD NEDERLAND has developed several mobile traffic control systems that can handle traffic flow during road-maintenance, road-inspections, accidents, and calamities. Our systems can operate on motorways, secondary roads as well as within build up areas. Our Mobiele traffic-control systems are used on a daily basis to insure the safety of both road-users and road-maintenance workers. JD NEDERLAND prides itself on its creative ideas, innovative products and their practical applications. It speaks for itself that our products comply to all directions related to traffic control at road-maintenance projects mentioned in CROW publications. Almost all our systems are approved of by the Rijksdienst Wegverkeer. On this site we present an overview of our products.

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For more advice, information and / or usage of our Mobile traffic-control systems, please call us. JD NEDERLAND is available by phone at +31-(0)55-3553087.
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The first in Europe!
Universal collision absorber

At Stationary Road-blocks, Mobile Road-blocks and when laying or removing Andreas Strips road-workers / drivers are optimally secured by our collision absorbers. As a first in The Netherlands and Europe JD NEDERLAND introduced a universal collision absorber able to absorb shocks at 50, 70 and 100 km per hour. If a collision would occur when you have a collision absorber in place, the chance someone would get hurt is small. This applies to both road-worker and road user.  More information...
Road blocks
Quick and easy

At road-blocks warning trailers are often used. Of these we have several types, Hydraulic Advance Warning Trailers,  Manual Warning Trailers as well as In Between Trailers. We also provide Transport utilities with
a specially for JD NEDERLAND developed Action platform. These have various joints and hinges that enable them
to place or remove equipment with relative ease. All display windows of our wagons are completely covered while
in transport mode conforming to the latest regulations issued by the CROW.   More information...
Creative ideas
The Andreas Strip Layer

JD NEDERLAND prides itself on its creative ideas, and its practical applications of these. For the Rijkswaterstaat Adviesdienst Verkeer en Vervoer we were able to develop the Andreas Strip Layer. This innovative, handy and compact appliance makes it a lot safer and easier for road-workers to place or remove Andreas Strips.   More information...
Text wagons
High contrast value

In order to inform travelers of road-works and / or calamites we developed highly visible and energy efficient Text wagons. Thanks to smart advance optic techniques, grafically brilliant texts / images are being displayed with a high contrast ratio. Using our Text trailer will greatly reduce irritations and traffic jams.   More information...

Mobile Systems
A complete road closure system in one transport

If you're looking for Mobile Road Signaling Systems and / or Mobile Route Information Systems (MRS and MRI) You need look no further. JD NEDERLAND is the right place to be. We've developed a system that enables us to transport a complete lane blocking kit in one go. (MRS / MRI skid, trailer and collision absorber all in one). The above mentioned systems are approved of by the Rijksdienst Wegverkeer and comply to all demands placed upon them regarding decrees concerning work done on motor ways, secondary roads and roads within build up areas, publications 96a en 96b of the C.R.O.W.  More information...

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