Maintenance / Repairs/ Damage restoration

Service and maintenance

Road-works and accompanying traffic control measures charactually require rapid response, decisions have to made at short notice. This means that needed equipment must be relied upon
to perform optimally. It is therefore important, no essential that maintenance is done when needed. Properly carried out maintenance guarantees reliability, safety, endurance and a minimum of breakdowns and repairs. Our clients desire for their Mobile Marking tools a service that distinguishes itself in reliability, quality and rapidity. JD NEDERLAND provides exactly such a service. The maintenance done to our Mobile traffic control systems is tuned to the specific need of our business relations. This will guarantee you a maximal return on your initial investment.

Fault repair service

Throughout the entire year someone from JD Nederand is available by phone 24 hours a day to offer support. This person is authorized, if necessary to send a technician / specialist to do any needed repairs. He will however at first try to assist the user by means of advice by phone in order to safeguard optimal use of the equipment.

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