Text Trailers



This very modular electronic system offers a large range text displays.
The systeem is as flexible
as you would like it to be, this applies to simple texst messages as well as graphic animations.
The best thing about it is you don't need any complicated designer skills.


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Download the pdf-folder about Texst trailers

In order to properly inform travelers at road-works or calamities JD Nederland has developed highly visible energy efficient text wagons. These maintenance friendly text trailers are equipped with an energy saving LED system which uses an advanced optic technique that produces graphically brilliant text / images at a high contrast ratio (conforming to DRIP specification) .

Through optimizing output per LED the same optic results can be reached with a smaller number of LEDS. This is great news as far as the price of the vehicle is concerned but it also cuts in energy use and maintenance. It enables us to reduce the current to the LEDS which leads to a longer life. The lower the current the longer the LED lasts.

We produced some very user friendly software for our text wagons. A wireless computer, laptop or pocket pc is all you need to completely control the display. This makes it possible for you to rapidly respond to any change in traffic. The well-balanced chassis is approved of by the Department of Transport and equipped with easy to reach and easy to lock compartments harboring a sound friendly diesel generator, hydraulics, batteries, battery charger and a control panel.

We'll gladly provide you with further information about types, models and options available, for more information or orders please call JD Nederland any time at: (31) 055-3510:14

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